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Reviews and testimonials from real Boston Organics customers who have received fresh, organic produce and grocery deliveries to their home, office, or both! 

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MGH Orthpaedic Sports Medicine  -  Boston

"Our office loves the fruit delivery. Always fresh and delicious."




via separations   ─   Somerville

We love our Boston Organics subscription and our team would like to contribute the following haiku's as feedback.  We hope you enjoy! 


Fresh bananas, yes!

Senescence takes hold, oh no…

Banana bread, yum!


Snacks are good for you

Without pesticides that is

Organic Fruit Yeah!


I ain't got no type

Organics are the only

Fruit that I like. Yuh.



outlined-blood-oranges150pxlifescience dynamics   ─   boston

We are a very small office and were nervous that we wouldn't be able to handle even the smallest of the regular delivery boxes without some of the fruit going to waste. However, it has not been an issue! Everyone has been dedicated to their daily servings of fruit!


outlined-cucumber-150pxAnita R.   ─   Somerville

"It's convenient to have organic food delivered at an affordable cost and perfect to be able to to cook my own healthy meals.  I love the selections and being able to go to the Boston Organics website for recipes."


outlined-gold-beet-150pxJoBeth U.   ─   Boston

Boston Organics has impacted my life in the way I cook, shop for food & using less plastic. I always look forward to Tuesday!


Nicky S.   ─   waltham

More choice and better value than traditional farm share. Getting fresh vegetables in the middle of the week is a great way to keep my cooking fresh without going shopping.


outlined-strawberries-150pxAshley Q.   ─   Bostonboston_organics_delivery_porch_box_plant2_1080px

I wanted access to local, organic produce that fit within my weekly budget and was easy to obtain. My fridge is now constantly stocked with healthy produce, which makes meal prep and dinners a breeze. I'm not burdening the planet by buying produce from other countries/states that need to be shipped to the grocery store. There is little plastic waste because the bins are reusable. And I'm supporting a local business which makes me feel good. The best part is that it is so convenient! I leave the empty bin on my doorstep when I leave for work and when I come back it is fully stocked! And so dependable. Not once has a delivery been missed. And the notices around the holidays are very clear if the delivery day is rescheduled.

outlined-avocado-150pxMikael B.   ─   roxbury

Was a long-time customer and then stopped for several years. Recently have been dismayed at the decline in produce quality at [my local grocery store]. [I rejoined because you] can’t beat Boston Organics for both quality and value of the produce. 


outlined-parsnip-150pxLillie   ─   jamaica plain

It is a great cost-effective way to get high quality produce while supporting sustainable agriculture. Since I use public transportation, I also love the delivery service! It really reduces how much I have to carry home from the grocery store. I've discovered new favorite vegetables, and my cooking skills have improved. Boston Organics is also cheaper and more convenient than the grocery store.


outlined-strawberries-2-150pxAdam B.   ─   dorchester

Felt like it would be nice to support the company and also was trying to get more organic food in my family's life, plus also get more fruits and vegetables in our diets.


outlined-cranberries-150pxChristina S.   ─   boston

It is convenient, especially for a 1-person household. I grow some greens, and I have in the past gotten a CSA but the relentless 20 straight weeks of food deliveries of a CSA make it a challenge. I was spending the entire weekend cooking. With Boston Organics I can get boxes every other week, or can put my subscription on hold an extra week or two. I can have “no beets ever" on my no-no list. I can size up or down, or get a custom or Dogma box (as long as there are no beets that week!). I can start meal planning on Monday for a Friday delivery. Hmm, what will I do with the eggplant? Callaloo? Whazzat?

outlined-apple-150pxMegan   ─   Boston

Delivery is so easy; I love having plenty of fruits available for snacking. And the price point is SO reasonable. The gifts offered are so useful! Almost every time I cook dinner, I use the Boston Organics spatula. (Our residential customers get gifts after a set amount of deliveries! A small "Thank you!" for supporting us and our local food system.)


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What Makes Boston Organics Different than a farm share?
Unlike traditional farm shares or community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, Boston Organics delivers year-round. The service is flexible - there are no up-front costs, it's free to sign up, skip deliveries, or cancel service.

No Fees and Free Delivery
Boston Organics doesn’t charge you fees for any standard service offerings. That means free delivery* and no fees for sign-up, cancellation or putting your delivery on hold. (*We do charge a small fee for deliveries made above the third floor.)

Pay as You Go
There are no advance commitments and you are charged only on the weeks that you receive deliveries.

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